Cleanrooms play critical roles in maintaining contamination free production environments for critical processes. A well-executed cleanroom testing and certification program is essential to proper cleanroom maintenance and operation and regulatory compliance. TecnicAire Services is NEBB certified in cleanroom performance testing and offers comprehensive clean room testing, clean room certification and related services including environmental monitoring, HEPA filter integrity testing, repair, and replacement and clean room decontamination services.

Included with all testing is complete documentation of the test results and certification of the rooms and devices tested.

All cleanroom testing is performed in accordance and compliant with Current Good Manufacturing Practices [cGMP], Institute of Environmental Sciences Technologies [IEST], and International Organization for Standardization [ISO]

We provide full ranges of Cleanroom Performance Testing:

Primary Tests

  • Airflow Velocity Test / Airflow Volume Test
  • HEPA Filter Leak Test
  • Airborne Particle Count Test
  • Room Pressurization Test

Secondary Tests

  • Airflow Parallelism
  • Room Recovery Test
  • Light Intensity Test
  • Sound Level Test
  • Vibration Test
  • Temperature & Relative Humidity Test
  • Electrostatic Test
  • Conductivity Test

Other Tests

  • Calibration of Clean Air Devices
  • Microbial Test

NEBB Certified Firm Certificates

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NEBB Certified Firm No : 3691


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